About Sapient International School

Sapient Group of Schools have been established with the belief, which is based on the universal fact that…..
“Together we can and Together we will bring a Historical, Holistic and Noticeable Change, Transform and Improve our Education System to craft Future Generations of the Country for the benefit of our Society and Global Environment ”.
Children and Youth are the future of this country, who possess the capability to bring overall change. Highly committed Management, Staff and Students of Sapient will entrust this belief and translate its vision to the bottom most and untouched lives of this country. Sapient Schools are not just schools, but they manifest the spirit to transmit the passion of excellence.

Our Vision

To Craft Intellectuals and Visionary Generation for the Country.

Our Mission

We Are Committed to Provide Deep Rooted Indian Value Based Practical, Spiritual and Holistic Education, which in turn will Benefit our Society and Global Environment.